The argument from education

According to statistics, the higher the level of education, the least likely people are to believe in God.

There are more believers among street-sweepers and McDonalds sellers than among Nobel Prize winners.

That, to me, is a problem, because I would expect belief in God, were it to be true, would hold up to scrutiny of the facts by intelligent educated people. They don’t seem to.

Because let’s admit it, us mere simpletons don’t know much about anything anyhow, and our church-forged-spoon-fed beliefs often don’t hold out to an honest reality check. We also don’t have the time and the intellectual capacity to personally check the truthfulness of the things we are told in church. We merely trust them to be true on face value. We believe them because authority figures told us they are true and there’s a lot of other people believing them too.

So when the people with the most brain power and the most access to information fail to be impressed by the “facts”, belief in God has a big problem.

The Bible also claims that the existence of a Creator can clearly be extrapolated from Creation itself. Were that true, I would expect to find more belief in God among the most diligent students of Creation, the scientists. That doesn’t seem to be the case, and I don’t believe in a conspiracy to cover up or ignore the so “numerous and obvious proofs” of the existence of God.

Why should we trust the opinions on God of people that don’t often hold informed opinions on grammar, much less the existence of transcendental supreme beings.
Why Scientists Don’t Fear Hell.
Feynman on Scientific Method.
Hitchens on the ignorance of believers.


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