The argument from happiness and successful societies

Why is it that the statistically happiest countries are also the least religious? Why is it that the most successful and safest and civilized societies are the ones least likely to believe in God? Maybe there’s a positive correlation here.

Believers may argue that a good carefree life makes people forget God. But then again, why are you so unhappy and unsafe, oh most religious countries? Why are you so unloving and intolerant, oh you all children of God?

So I guess belief doesn’t really make societies (and therefore people) neither more moral, nor more happy.

A society where belief is so wide-spread should have citizens who’s fulfilled lives, happiness and high moral standards should really be the envy of the World; “You are the light of the World”, said Jesus.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The more belief in God a country has, the more fucked-up that country is, and the more people flee from it in search for a better life. “Light of the World” my ass.


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