Argument from the ill effects of religion

Religion, with its contradictions and threats, the venom and hate it can spew, the divisiveness that is inherent within it.


Argument from insufficient evidence

I simply wasn’t convinced in the existence of god in the same way I’m not convinced aliens are visiting earth or that gremlins are destroying airplanes. Believing things for which there is no evidence is not who I am; I’m not built that way.

Argument from biblical factual innacuracies

Then there were the stories about how old the earth was and two of every animal fitting on the same boat. I was good in school, made good grades, and loved science. I would read science and history books just to pass the time, and I knew the earth wasn’t 6000 years old or that the flood story was remotely possible. Things needed to make sense to me, there needed to be logic behind the idea.

The Argument from inconsistent revelation

If all the religions of the world claim to be the Truth, and their followers all think the other religions are wrong, how can any of them be correct?

But the one I was most cognizant of at the time was the sheer number of vastly, hugely, wildly different religions, each and every one of which claimed to be “the Truth”. I could never understand how a God, if he cared that we believed “correctly”, could let such a thing happen without giving unambiguous clues not only to his existence, but to which of those myriad stories and/or methods of worship was correct. The hidden God you had to seek on your own – but you were eternal damned, again, if you got it wrong – just doesn’t make sense. And it didn’t make any more sense without the damnation. They’re so wildly different that even “same God, different faces” falls apart upon examination. They can’t ALL be true, or even all have a kernel of truth – especially if, as so often claimed by so many of them – that God cares that you get it right. And if they can’t all be true, and there are no unambiguous, unmistakable universal messages from God as to which ones are true, then the most sensible explanation is that NONE of them are.

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