Morality test

1. If you are unhappy with your children’s behavior, do you:
a. Discipline them sternly, but gently and coach them to become better behaved?
b. Kick them in the teeth?
c. Drown them (Genesis 6-7)?

2. If a group of children are teasing a bald man, do you:
a. Gently reprimand the children and ask them to apologize
b. Punch them in the face
c. Set wild bears upon them (Kings 2:23-24)

3. If your children are hungry for more than tiny biscuits and ask you for food, do you:
a. Feed them
b. Laugh at them
c. Feed them and kill them by deliberately infecting them with a deadly disease (Numbers 11:31-35)?

4. Your people are being held as slaves by an evil tyrant. Do you:
a. Kill him
b. Punch him in the face
c. Slaughter all his first born children in the land in the hope he’ll feel bad (Exoddus 11:4-6)


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