William Lane Craig

Craig is a pseudointellectual, a pompous and dishonest specialist in obscurantism, an apologist for semi-mythical ethnic mass murder in the Old Testament. Craig is full of shit, and intellectually dishonest to boot.

William Lane Craig delivers his ruminations with an eloquent Gish gallop that is truly impressive. It’s easy to come to the conclusion that though we do not have a clue of what he is saying he certainly does sound like he is delivering one profound insight after another. Scratch the surface though and you realize that what you are hearing is absolute nonsense. The man is no more than a glib intellectual vacuum.

WLC can sound impressive to the ignorant because he speaks well, uses scholarly words, is good at using tone of voice to convey ridicule, contempt or superiority, and speaks fast. What he actually says, though, is pure crap. Translated to standard English my 8 year old kids can readily see how ridiculous his arguments are. In other words, he is a carny. It seems unlikely to me that he is not aware that his arguments are crap, in which case he is a really nasty piece of work.


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