“We’re going to need confirmation by independent groups. That’s the way things work in science. We don’t believe things because somebody says they’re true; we believe them because different people make the measurements independently and find the same results.” — Prof Clem Pryke, from the University of Minnesota, regarding evidence of the Big Bang in the cosmic microwave background.


Argument from infinity

While not being much of a philosopher, the concept of infinity always smelled fishy to me, and never believed it was actually possible, even when I believed in an infinite God. Sure, I mostly excused God from deep logical scrutiny, but even then His omni-qualities raised some perplexing questions.

I would say now that God is impossible because infinity is impossible. The only realm where infinity can function is the abstract realm of human imagination. Same as God, basically 🙂

The following video raises the same problem, albeit with a more sophisticated approach.

– Responding to Objections, Part 5: Omnipotence. Youtube. Link.

Speaking in tongues

– Glossolalia, on Skeptic’s Dictionary. Link.

– 1 – I had witnessed some crazy shit at that concert, speaking in tongues, swaying and hand-waving, etc., but figured out a lot of it was just for show when that friend of mine was speaking in his fake Spanish that he often used to make us laugh when others burst out in their gibberish. He claimed he was filled with the spirit, that Jesus made him speak in tongues. I thought he was filled alright, filled with bullshit.

Redeeming qualities of Religion

– I’m happy for those who find peace and joy in their beliefs, I pity those whose beliefs bring them misery and pain, and I will openly attack those whose beliefs bring others misery and pain. I believe religion–like a surgeon’s scalpel–can be a force for good as well as a force for bad, depending on who uses it and for what purpose. I’m disturbed at how religion encourages people to not think, or at least to not think beyond a certain point, but I can also see what a gift this is for some people.

Apologetic Ressources

– Has God Spoken? by O. E. Stroebel.
– The Case for Christ. Lee Strobel.

+ Daniel B. Wallace | Professor of New Testament Studies. An outspoken critic of the alleged “popular culture” quest to discredit conservative evangelical views of Jesus—including the writings of Elaine Pagels and Bart Ehrman.
– Darrell Bock |
– William Lane Craig (bleargh!)