Deconversion Stories

+ Conversion on Mount Improbable. Article.
– Why I am an atheist – Erin Breda. Link.
– Robin Savage – A Deconversion Story. Link.
> I was led astray by satan. Link.

– Infidel, by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, regarding her deconversion from Islam.

– Well, I had to take off from home, to get away from the religous lifestyle. For mr it was the fact that these people seemed to be living in a fishbowl looking at the rest of the world through a gas mask filled with ideology and claiming the rest of the world was vile. I saw what was out there as a starving man sees a banquet from the cage that others placed me in from birth.

The door was only shut by my own fear of the unfamiliar and I finally got tired of fearing what others had told me to fear. They slammed the door behind me and called me unclean. They are not to talk or eat with me, until I beg them to place me back into that cage and put back on that mask.

They’ve waited 30 some odd years for that. I hope they haven’t been holding their breath.

– And it slapped me across the face: god, and religion, are man-made. After that I had no doubt that religions evolved as people evolved, slowly becoming more “sophisticated” and “ineffable”, changing from the now-silly slightly-superhuman figures of primitive gods to the current “all that is” that translates just as easily to nothing.

God – any god – is just the reflection of the believer’s own mind.


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