A believer as a small child. An atheist since elementary school to teenage. Then a Christian for 18 years. In 2013 I began questioning many of the things I believed until then. I label myself now as a non-believer. Whether you can consider me an agnostic or an atheist depends on specifics too intricate to expose here. What follows is a description of where I stand now, that I hope is clear, simple, and accurate enough:

— I don’t claim that some deity absolutely doesn’t and can’t exist.
— I simply state that I can’t believe in a deity without compelling evidence, and I haven’t found such evidence yet. I am open to changing my mind either way upon fining compelling evidence. Nothing is set in stone, nothing is beyond question.
— If you have no problems with the assertion “blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed”, then sorry, but both you and your God are morons.

The blog is called Doubting Thomas, because I sympathized with this apostle’s attitude back in 2013 when I opened the blog. Not satisfied with the testimony of the other apprentices, he wanted to check for himself.

Yes, we definitely need to be certain about the things we believe, and not take anyone’s word for it. We need to put everything to the test to see if everything claimed to be true is indeed true. The fear of losing our faith (and with that, the strength of enduring rough times, and the comfort of the afterlife) should not stop us asking the tough questions.

If our beliefs are indeed true, they should withstand such questioning and emerge victorious. And should they prove false, we need to be truthful to ourselves, tell things for what they really are, and find the (inner) strength to go forth without them. Life still has great value, and is a wonderful journey we should not waste, God or no God.

I use this blog to mainly gather resources related to all aspects of having faith in a deity. Apologetics, Science, Arguments, Philosophy, Books, Testimonies, etc.


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